M/s Roo Bubbles is a start-up founded by Rubina Bhattacharjee (Roo) and Balaji T (Bubbles) which flagged off from February 2019. M/s Roo Bubbles is based on the foundation “YOU GROW”, which provides support, assistance and the required platform to the corporates or individual in achieving their fullest potential and growth and most importantly their overall objectives. M/s Roo Bubbles has currently forayed into listing and knowledge made fun based platform and plans on further diversification in marketing, digital marketing, event management, advertising agency and other related prospective projects or auxiliary services.

We-Linki and Scroobbles are the current two websites and mobile application based platforms under the company name M/s Roo Bubbles.

We-Linki is a web based service platform under the company name M/s Roo Bubbles. We-Linki revolutionises the concept of “It’s All About You” by displaying the presence of the company or an individual in various platforms. We encapsulate all the links associated with the vendor listed with us in order to provide relevant and timely information like website, all social media links, email and other related information to the end user in just 3 click process, which enables deeper understanding of the products and service provided. The additional key feature of our service is that end user also gets to curate their own personalised categories and save relevant links.

We-Linki aims in providing a platform where listing classifieds or ads is made very easy and the focus revolves around the company as a whole and its presence in various platforms. It captures the essence of the company blueprint in the form of website and social media links just in one place. We make use of the world wide growing concept “Just in Time”

To be the best we need to make use of the opportunities in an optimal manner.

"Let us serve you."