• Benefit 1

    Be Seen Be Heard the whole year

    - out of sight out of mind, consistency is the key to have dominant presence in the minds. We provide a platform where your corporate /individual image is made available the whole year which makes you more noticeable.

  • Benefit 2

    Unlimited ads

    Video can be directly uploaded in our website/ app or YouTube links can be directly provided, along with this you get to decide the time frame of the video ads to be visible for public viewing whether few days or whole year. Unlimited ads for the whole year.

  • Benefit 3

    Make Links Sink in

    - we collect your website links, social media and business links – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and other relevant links for better visibility and wide coverage at one place.

  • Benefit 4

    Better understanding-

    United we stand, divided we fall similarly scattered information across different platforms leads to forgetting of relevant information. We make relevant and compact information available in the form of various links related to the company which enables better understanding of the products and services and helps in solving various doubts and queries to large extent.

  • Benefit 5

    Easy Accessibility and Just in Time

    All the links are made available at one place which reduces the hassle of opening different platforms to access company information.

  • Benefit 6

    Value for money

    - we believe in providing economic service which is affordable, when compared to all other media advertisements. Working capital is essential for day to day operation of the business and we at We-linki aim to provide our service at best onetime annual payment to avoid blocking huge capital being blocked in advertisements

  • Benefit 7

    Positive Branding

    – we have disabled any reviews or comment sections. We encourage the concept of personal interaction, where viewer’s / end users can directly provide their feedback to the relevant company websites or customer care links. This helps in better connectivity and better enriching customer service

  • Benefit 8

    No tele callers

    We value you and your precious time. We do not encourage any disturbance in the form of calls during vital business hours. Once registered with us you are listed with us for the whole year

  • Benefit 9

    No Fake Promises

    we believe that the more number of links you provide, the more reach. We suggest to make your images and videos as attractive to reach large number of users. We do not promise any leads. We only make your information available.

  • Benefit 10

    Do not need to pay commission and other charges which are mandatory in other platforms

    Save unnecessary expenses in form of commissions and other expenses by directly promoting your website and other relevant links comprising of the products and services. We do not charge extra commission.

  • Benefit 11

    One Price One Time (No Discrimination)

    we believe in equality; we charge only one price for the whole year. We do not encourage differential pricing at different intervals of time.

  • Benefit 12

    Competitor analysis for strategic decision making

    since all the competitors will be listed under each category with similar products or services, this will help in better understanding of competitor’s strategy in one click, this will facilitate better decision making and generate quality products and services, thus making a way for healthy competition and customer satisfaction.


Give Happy Get Happy

we believe one good deed deserves another. This is our way of saying Thank You, once you are registered with us successfully, you can earn back the entire amount paid to us and also more. Once the other vendor signup and pay annual fee you will be elligible for referral amount.


If our annual charges are Rs 500 /-, If you refer 10 vendors and they register with us with their vendor details and final payment, you will earn 50 per paid vendor.


10*50= 500, and there is no limit to how many vendors you refer. This entire process takes place on a unique referral code concept.


  • user gets to curate their personalised categories and save links under their own unique and diverse categories.

  • user gets to save their contacts and save relevant links under the contacts like social media links and other business links.

  • we make all the links available at one place which reduces the hassles of opening different platforms or apps. We-linki aims at reducing the time involved in searching, typing and processing. We-linki also reduces visit of number of pages by providing relevant information at just three click process.

  • sometimes links are very complicated, sometimes it’s difficult to remember spellings or some links are visited regularly- so save yourself from the trouble of remembering and typing again a and again by just saving the links under relevant categories.

  • compile different links from various sources relevant to a particular project or a topic. Links can be website links, social media links and business links or any other relevant links.

  • Many apps are installed which are not used on regular basis which takes up lots of storage space, so save the relevant app links or their website to access the functionalities when relevant or needed. Install our app to uninstall other irrelevant apps that consumes space.

  • user gets to not only curate and save links from various sources but also arrange data and links in a systematic and orderly manner which helps in faster and easier accessibility.